Harnessing your inner rebel to bring about change

Rebellion and the spirit of the great refusal

Every day, people around the world decide to make changes in their lives.  Whatever the reason, we finally decide enough’s enough – it’s time for change.   Saying it’s easy.  Making it happen?  Not always so.  That’s when we call on our friends and allies – and sometimes that includes internal allies like the Inner Rebel, standing alongside and encouraging us in the spirit of the Great Refusal. Continue reading “Harnessing your inner rebel to bring about change”

What is transformative self-renewal?

When agency drives change, the result is transformative self-renewal

If the wellbeing calculus tells us anything, it’s that our sense of wellbeing can be affected by a range of different factors.  But it goes further than that. Whatever we need to address, our agency puts us in the driving seat – and that means we can each pursue our own transformative self-renewal.  This is how Continue reading “What is transformative self-renewal?”