Relationship difficulties? How our differences drive conflict between us

Two worlds under one roof

Have you ever found yourself in an argument about how to wash and dry dishes or whether to roll-up or simply squeeze the toothpaste tube?  The kind of things that aren’t really important yet spark conflict nevertheless?  I know, I know – these aren’t Earth-shattering issues.  But they highlight something important:  many relationship difficulties can be traced to the different beliefs, values, behavioural strategies, and attitudes that each person brings to the encounter. Continue reading “Relationship difficulties? How our differences drive conflict between us”

Wellbeing and the power of relationships

Understanding how we grow and develop highlights the conditions that promote wellbeing – and what to do when things go wrong.

When you stop and think about it, human beings are incredible. We continue to grow, adapt, and develop from infancy through to old age – across the whole span of our lives. And despite the claim that there’s no such thing as society, we’re profoundly social creatures. Our lives are influenced and shaped – from the moment we’re born until the moment we die – by our relationships with other people and by the social context we’re born into.  As we learn more about how humans grow and develop, from childhood into adolescence and beyond, we’re gaining a better understanding of the conditions that allow us to flourish and the factors that impair our wellbeing. And the best thing?  We have the power to heal and transform ourselves. Continue reading “Wellbeing and the power of relationships”