Bringing you closer together

Relationships can be deeply rewarding, but we can be left feeling disappointed, guilty, rejected, or lonely when there are problems. Couples counselling offers an opportunity to explore the difficulties in your relationship and heal the breaches between you.

We’ll explore how you communicate and interact with each other; define the issues that drive your conflicts; and make sense of how you’ve arrived where you are today.  This will allow you to focus on the changes you’ll need to make to re-establish trust and create a new way of living together.

What can couples counselling help with?

Couples often experience difficulties when the family values we’re raised with come into conflict.  Affairs and the betrayal of trust can jeopardise the future of a relationship, leaving both partners distant and disconnected.  And sometimes, after the first rush of love, we’re left feeling a huge gap between what we’d expected and what we actually have.

Of course, every relationship is unique and the difficulties you’re experiencing will be unique to you.  Other issues might include:

loss of affection  |  fear of intimacy  |  life changes
power imbalances  |  communication problems  |  commitment issues
affairs and betrayals  |  jealousy and anger  |  arguments and conflict
break-ups  |  separation and divorce  |  sexual problems
domestic violence  |  co-dependency  |  pre-marital worries
and much more…

Whatever brings you here, it’s never too late to turn things around.

What to expect in the counselling room

A lot of the work in couples counselling is around encouraging a greater mutual understanding, recognising how and why things have changed, and discovering new ways to make positive lasting changes.  By providing a safe space where you can both speak freely,  I can support both of you to:

  • explore problems openly and honestly
  • gain a deeper understanding of each other
  • improve your communication within your relationship
  • explore healthier patterns of relating
  • develop a deeper intimacy

You can read more about my approach to counselling here and you’ll find info on fees and the practical side of things here and here: Couples Counselling Info Sheet (2024).

Otherwise, the next step is  to get in touch.

Getting in touch

The truth is that only you can bring about change – but I’m ready to walk alongside you every step of the way.  To get things started, you can either:

  • Call me on 07565 353389 for an informal conversation about how we can work together
  • Complete the contact form
  • Email me and I can get us booked in for your first appointment.

It’s as easy as that.  I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

A few words on inclusion….

I’m an active advocate for diversity and inclusion.  I give great thought to the social and cultural factors that lead to discrimination, marginalisation, and prejudice against:  women; members of the LGBTQI community; people who are disabled or who are neurodivergent; those of the ‘wrong’ social class; members of ‘different’ cultural and religious communities; and those whose ethnicity happens to be non-white or whose nationality happens to be non-British.  I also recognise the great harm that can be caused by prejudice, discrimination and marginalisation.  I might not always get it right, but I’ll always attempt to offer you a safe space where we can recognise and appreciate all that we share in common and celebrate everything that makes you distinctively you.