Together we can change your world

My aim in counselling is to help you foster greater self-determination and confidence, cultivate enhanced self-awareness and self-esteem, and develop new capabilities that will help you live well.  But the most important thing is what’s important to you.

What brings you here?

Ultimately, we seek counselling because we want things to be different and we have a hope for a better future.

Perhaps you’re here because, whatever you do, you feel like you just don’t belong; or perhaps you’re living a life to please others, but have lost yourself along the way.  Maybe you’ve been hurt and betrayed by family, friends, or lovers, and find it difficult to have fulfilling connections; or perhaps your self-confidence and self-esteem have never flourished because you’ve grown up in the face of adversity.

Maybe you’re seeking counselling because you’ve experienced a crisis in your life; or perhaps you have a far less tangible sense of unease, of time slipping through your fingers, of lacking direction but knowing that something must change.  And maybe you want to transform your life – even if you can’t yet imagine what that would look like.

anxiety  |  abuse  |  self-harm
depression  |  life transitions  |  relationship problems
loss and bereavement  |  meaninglessness  |  purposelessness
self-confidence  |  identity  |  sexuality
domestic abuse  |  stress  |  childhood issues
suicidal ideation  |  belonging  |  family dynamics
disability  |  chronic illness  |  substance misuse
cultural issues  |  self-acceptance  |  and much more…

Whatever brings you here, it’s never too late to turn things around.

You can read more about my approach to counselling here and you’ll find info on fees and the practical side of things here and here: Personal Counselling Info Sheet (2024).

Otherwise, the next step is  to get in touch.

Getting in touch

The truth is that only you can bring about change – but I’m ready to walk alongside you, every step of the way.  To get things started, you can either:

  • Call me on 07565 353389 for an informal conversation about how we can work together
  • Complete the contact form
  • Email me and I can get us booked in for your first appointment.

It’s as easy as that.  I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

A few words on inclusion….

I’m an active advocate for diversity and inclusion.  I give great thought to the social and cultural factors that lead to discrimination, marginalisation, and prejudice against:  women; members of the LGBTQI community; people who are disabled or who are neurodivergent; those of the ‘wrong’ social class; members of ‘different’ cultural and religious communities; and those whose ethnicity happens to be non-white or whose nationality happens to be non-British.  I also recognise the great harm that can be caused by prejudice, discrimination and marginalisation. While I might not always get it right, I’ll always attempt to offer you a safe space where we can recognise and appreciate all that we share in common and celebrate everything that makes you distinctively you.


My experience of counselling was safe, positive, and empowering.  It’s been helpful being able to learn about myself in a judgment free environment and to take time to focus on me as a whole person.  I feel comfortable in my own skin and able to take control and change situations that would of previously been very daunting”, AT

Counseling has been extremely positive. Richard is warm, open and non-judgmental. He provided a safe space for me to talk and be heard and enabled me to find my own solutions to the situations and issues that we explored.  I now feel stronger, more resilient and assertive. From feeling lost and out of control, I now feel empowered and excited about life and my future”, DC

I found counseling to be very helpful and fulfilling, and I feel my life is moving in a positive direction again.  I’ve found myself wanting to get involved in new and different experiences and have discovered a newfound love for my friends and family. Since counseling ended, I’ve been feeling happy in myself, more aware of what’s important to me, free, confident, and fulfilled”, JG