The Wellbeing Calculus

It’s all you need to know to flourish and to thrive

The wellbeing calculus is practical and unique personal development framework that weaves together ideas from applied psychology, the social sciences, philosophy, neuroscience, and therapeutic education. In a nutshell, it offers all you need to know to live the life you want to live.

Not just another theory of wellbeing 

Unlike other approaches that frame mental health and wellbeing in terms of biological deficits, psychiatric psychopathology, the presence (or absence) of happiness and positivity, or patterns of thought (helpful or otherwise), the wellbeing calculus places personal agency and the lived experience of freedom at the heart of wellbeing.

The wellbeing calculus identifies seven key wellbeing variables that all contribute – or undermine – our subjective experience of wellbeing

>  WBV 1.  Personal agency

>  WBV 2.  Brain-body balance and integration

>  WBV 3.  Self-Alignment

>  WBV 4.  Connectivity

>  WBV 5. Capabilities

>  WBV 6.  The Lifeworld

>  WBV 7.  Practices of the Self

Each of these wellbeing variables can be optimised through our own activity, increasing our ability to be self-determining and enhancing our lived experience of freedom and generalised sense of wellbeing.

A work in progress, with a book underway and a podcast in development, you’ll find articles related to the wellbeing calculus on this site and elsewhere.  Whether you’re a curious explorer or a dedicated self-improver, it’s all you need to know to live the life you want to live.